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myJH Portal

The myJH Portal is your one-stop shop for just about all your online needs at Hopkins. From it, you can:

  • Check your email, manage a calendar, and collaborate with classmates through Office 365
  • Sign up for classes, check your grades, pay your bills, and see your enrollment and financial status using the Integrated Student Information System (ISIS)
  • Upload, download, and share files easily online with JShare
  • Find and contact other students and faculty, and manage your online identity (even customize your email alias) with the Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory (JHED)
  • Keep up to date with news and announcements from the University
  • Access and manage library resources
  • Manage and customize bookmarks, links, feeds, and web-apps
  • Get IT support and log service requests
  • And much more! Click here to log in for the first time (using your JHED ID) and check it out! You will be required to take and pass a brief quiz on Acceptable Use first.
    First Time Portal Login and Outlook Live Information
myJH Portal  
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